The Christmas Drop Organization offers you the unique opporunity to sponsor bundles headed for the islands!  


$300 will sponsor a single bundle, while $1000 will sponsor 4 bundles (use coupon code "OCD1952" to get $200 off on a 4 bundle sponsorship!)


Use the "size" drop down to select an island.  Most islands get two bundles!  Some islands get 1!  Some islands get 4!  Quantity will show unavailable if that island's bundles have been fully sponsored.


**While we guarantee your contribution will help to deliver aid to islanders in need, we are unable guarantee that 100% of sponsored bundles will be dropped to the specific island selected.  Poor weather and global pandemics create last moment changes during mission execution.  Please remember, we provide the supplies, but Air Force drops it off!**

Bundle Sponsorship